Safety & Quality

Safety is a team effort that involves all levels of the company.

Complete and active participation by everyone, every day in every job is essential to achieve the level of safety that Kemway expects. We are COR certified through Alberta Construction Safety Association and are committed to our health and safety program. Our dedicated safety personnel and safety program ensures comprehensive training and proper use of equipment is maintained throughout the course of the project. Employees and contractors are serious about safety and follow all clearly outlined procedures. It is our objective that every team member works safe each day in order for them to go home to their loved ones.


Quality Assurance and Control

Continuous improvement is at the core of our business, and we constantly strive for better, more efficient ways to build. It is our team’s desire to ensure that a high level of quality is attained and maintained on every project. Specialized processes are developed and utilized to ensure our clients receive a quality product. Frequent and consistent testing and control of materials is our standard practice. As a follow up, each project is reviewed to continually challenge the performance standards of ourselves and the industry.

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